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How It All Works

Discussion and agreement:

Step 1. You send us basic details of your show and what you are looking to get out of a tour. Email this or use the form below.

Step 2. Next we chat on the phone (or face-to-face if we can get to one of your gigs).

Step 3. We will then let you know if we think we can place the show for you. (Not every act is suitable and if we decline, it doesn't mean the act isn't good enough - just that it's not suitable for us).

Step 4. If we both decide we want to work together then we will let you know our fee. The fee varies depending on the likely tour length, saleability, etc. If you're happy then we sign a contract between us.

Getting you booked:

Step 5. You send us the final show details:
       Show title, artwork and blurb. 
       Link to video promo of your show or.
       A full biography of the individuals or company. 
       Dates you are not available. 
       Venues you have already approached or for any reason do not want us to approach. 
       Venues you have previously appeared at. 
       Your rider. 

You can do this by email or using the form below. 

Step 6. We seek bookings for you and send you offers from venues as they come in. You are not obliged to take all or any of the offers.

Step 7. You confirm the technical and other details with the venue and, if it suits your needs, we confirm the booking with the venue who send you a contract for your show.


Step 8. You perform your show and pay us our fee afterwards. 
NB our fee is a percentage of your receipts. You only pay us when you have been paid by the venue, so there's minimal financial risk to you. 

Download 'Example Contract'

Submit A Show

To submit your show please email Andy with the details of your show

Including: Individual or Company Name
                  Show Title
                  Links to live video
                  Biography / Show blurb
                  Show dates (where we could watch the show)
                  Anything else you feel we should know