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What We Do

We book tours - but then you probably worked that out from our name :)
We will consider any show that is submitted, but we are mainly interested in:
        • Tributes
        • Children's shows
        • Drama
        • Stand-up
        • Original musical
        • Pantomime
        • Magic Shows

We only deal with arts centres and theatres between 100 and 2300 seats. NB we don't deal with music-only venues.
We generally seek door-split deals for our clients and not venue hire - unless you particularly want outright hire deals.
All the venues we deal with have their own marketing strategy including at least a regular programme and online show listings.
Almost all the venues we deal with have conventional stages, wings and dressing rooms. However a few are studio style. 

Why choose us?

We are a small organisation so you know you will get the personal attention you deserve.
Within our team we have wide experience in the world of performance and of management.

Tour Booker: Andy Tebbutt-Russell

Andy Tebbutt-Russell
- Owner

Andy began his career as an engineer and has worked in management principally in production and marketing. He worked for seven years as a management consultant to a major corporation.
In 2010 he since switched careers to the world of performance which he finds much more fun! However he also enjoys bringing his expertise from the world of engineering management to the world of theatre. 

Second in Command: Samantha

- Second-in-command

Samantha is a classically trained singer and actress. She brings a performer's perspective to Tour Bookers which she feels is essential to offering the right service.

If you are interested in using our services and have toured before click How It All Works to see how we work and perhaps send us details of your show.

If you are new to touring, click New To Touring? to find out all you need to know.